This was Outdoor Options’ first BALI National Landscape Award and was a project that truly encompassed our broad range of landscape construction disciplines and accompanying project management skills.

With the Client’s requests in place, Anthony Paul designed a scheme that involved large-scale earthworks, large pond construction, rainwater recycling, swimming pool, tennis court, natural stone terraces, hardwood decking and driveway surfacing works, along with all the associated lighting and irrigation schemes.

A sandy loam site permitting a winter build ensured we were able to operate several work areas in conjunction with one another, thus completing a time-lined project for a Spring delivery.  This is a project we proudly keep revisiting with the clients requesting various additions, thereby showing us their valued and continued support.

BALI Award Winning Landscape Design and Construction

Outdoor Options

The Garden Studio
19 Upper Manor Road,
Milford, Surrey, GU8 5JW
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