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Re-designing a garden is an exciting opportunity for any property owner. Do you want to create somewhere to relax, entertain your friends or let the children play? Perhaps you are just feeling uninspired, and would like to make better use of your outdoor space? We can help you by re-designing your garden and employing details, such as Hard Landscaping to provide structure and visual appeal. Our Hard Landscaping services will help to transform your garden into a well-conceived outdoor space which will hold its appeal for years to come.

What are the benefits of our hard landscaping services?

Our Hard Landscaping services can offer a multitude of different components: excavating for ponds and pool installations; digging out and preparing foundations for garden buildings or pergolas; digging and preparing for the installation of stone or brick terraces, decking areas, entrances and frontal approaches, fencing, integrated outdoor furnishings and more. It helps to give your garden form and leads the eye through the garden landscape. Hard Landscaping creates a stage to showcase your plants and foliage.

Your preferred style may be formal or informal.  Formal gardens are generally more geometric in nature, with straight lines, formal shapes and neatly demarcated themes.  Informal gardens have a softer feel with planting feeling more organic and natural with curvilinear lines that mimic the rhythms and patterns found in the natural world.

Different styles of hard landscaping

Hard Landscaping styles can be rustic, sleek, modern - it all depends on your personal taste.  A contemporary landscape design may incorporate many different kinds of material in a Hard Landscaping scheme: concrete, stone, brick, metals, wood, water.  Whether your intended look is contemporary or more traditional, creative use and placing of materials will achieve your desired scheme to great effect.

At Outdoor Options we successfully merge Hard and Soft Landscaping components to create stunning gardens that last. We will work with you to fashion a garden in keeping with your vision, making the most of the space available. We can work with you directly or alongside a designer.

Our award winning hard landscaping projects

One of our favoured Hard Landscaping projects was the Living Legacy Garden which we created in 2015 with the Wilson McWilliam Studio. The garden incorporates details such as large shards of metal, stonework, pools of water and brick facades, which mimic the architecture at Wellington College

The garden was created for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2015 to highlight the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo. The garden was shown to great acclaim and received a Silver-Gilt award.  The Living Legacy Garden reflects the fact that Wellington College is a living legacy of the Duke of Wellington, and serves as a reminder of the perils of warfare, whilst the trees and shrubs represent a new hope.

The saplings reflect the young students who are studying at the school. The garden’s design reconciles the drama and violence of Waterloo with a progressive and positive future (BBC, 2015). Comprising many elements from the battlefield, we were asked to work with several forms of material to create this dramatic garden scheme.

The garden’s construction was supported by the following collaborating organisations:

If you would like assistance in designing and constructing a beautiful garden for your home, get in touch with us to discuss how we can help. Based in Surrey, we work with clients across the county and further afield in the surrounding areas.

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