An overhaul of your outdoor space will invariably start with a telephone conversation about your aspiration for a new and improved outdoor space.  A site visit will then be necessary for us to ascertain your desires, ideas, thoughts, possibilities and possible budgets involved.  It may be that you have already engaged the services of a garden designer/architect who has carried out this process and you are now searching for a competent landscaper to bring your dream to life.

If a garden designer/architect has not yet been commissioned then we can help you through this next stage of either planning a new scheme ourselves or introducing you to a designer who can draw up and design your vision.  This doesn’t need to be a complicated process but it does cement in everyone's minds the look and feel of your desired scheme, whether that involves intensive groundworks, changing flat or rising existing levels in a garden, sculpting a pond or water feature, creating a stylish seating or dining area or fashioning colourful flowerbeds.  This is your moment to make your landscaping wish list a reality!

Get in touch to see how we can help transform your garden or outside living space.

Hard and Soft Landscaping

Landscape construction falls into two extensive categories: the forming of Hard Landscapes and Soft Landscapes. Hard landscaping invariably incorporates the digging out of gardens for the preparation of stone, paving and decking; walled areas; excavations for pool installations; ponds and water features; wooden fencings.  As the name suggests it’s the hard work of the scheme and all serves to form the built environment. Outdoor barbecues, retaining walls, patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, sculpture installation or more structural elements all constitute Hard Landscaping.

Soft landscapes are - well, they comprise softer and more fluid planting elements such as foliage, flora, grass, trees, all planted in the soil that form the dressing of the garden. By their very nature they are organic and form part of the overall planting scheme.

The ideal garden will incorporate elements of both Hard and Soft Landscaping to great effect.  Hard Landscaping gives you the functionality of your area; Soft landscaping aims to soften the harder features, and brings colour to the landscape, irrespective of the season. Our award winning gardens are brilliant examples of how you can combine different features such as hard landscaping and soft landscaping to stunning effect.

Our Award Winning Garden Design Projects 

One of our favourite garden design projects was ‘No Man’s Land’, which exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2014.  Designed by Charlotte Rowe and built for the Army Benevolent Fund, The Soldier’s Charity, it was enormously popular, commemorating the centenary of the start of WWI. Recalling the huge sacrifices that thousands made it was a worthy winner of a coveted Chelsea gold medal. The garden scheme included examples of both Soft and Hard Landscaping: blue Irises and soft grasses; composite concrete walls echoing the Flanders bunkers, and featured a circular pond replicating the Sommes Lochnager Crater. On Press Day we had a welcome visit from War Horse.  

We can help you create a custom-made garden to suit your individual lifestyle and needs. We design and build our own gardens as well as collaborating with garden designers to create stunning landscape designs.


BALI Award Winning Landscape Design and Construction

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