In 2011 we were asked by Tony Stone to assist in moving to his house in France by relocating most of his North
London garden sculpture collection. Tony and Anthony had spent over ten years creating and evolving La Jeg into
an exceptional and well published sculpture garden and the chance for us to visit was a splendid opportunity.

This was an unusual request for us but nonetheless irresistible: beautiful sculptures located in a stunningly
photogenic garden all set in view of the Mt. Ventoux in Provence.

Two years later Tony acquired an elegant bronze sculpture by Marzia Colonna based in the New Forest and again
we were privileged to be asked to assist with the installation.

One visit to the New Forest followed by another to La Jeg produced the idea to place the sculpture within a
circular deck floating on a bed of water. We teamed up with George Orange, owner of Clockwork Scenery, and
manufactured a metal water table and base, collected and packaged the sculpture, then headed on down to
Provence at a very steady pace!

Fitting involved replumbing some of the pool plumbing so that we could borrow a supply of filtered water
producing a brimming tray free of debris.

A unique and unforgettable project.


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