Spring is just around the corner and for those of us with gardens, that means it’s time to start planning those barbecues and parties. However, there’s not much point in organising a get-together if your garden isn’t set up properly for it. Worry not, though; Outdoor Options are here to give you some valuable advice on how to get your garden ready for socialising this summer.


There’s nothing wrong with standing around and chatting, but you need some seating for both comfort and aesthetic reasons. Whether you opt for a table and chairs for people to sit around and eat, or just chairs, they add a bit of sophistication to your garden. We don’t just mean plastic chairs, though; there’s a whole host of seating options available, from loungers to elegant wooden and rattan chairs. Add some cushions and maybe some blankets for sitting outside in cooler temperatures, and you have yourself a perfect area for relaxing on your own or with friends.

Garden Seating


While spring and summer bring longer days and brighter evenings, a bit of tasteful lighting can add some real character and beauty to your garden, as well as keep your space illuminated when the sun finally goes down. Fairy lights strewn along hedges or through trees, spotlights reflecting off ponds or pools – a bit of illumination serves to create a wonderful ambience, as well as highlight the best bits of your garden. Read our piece on the benefits of great garden lighting here.


Fire pits are the ultimate garden feature. They never fail to impress people, and they provide a perfect spot for people to sit around, eat, drink and talk whilst the flames deliver a little extra warmth. What’s more, the fire pit can also be used to cook with; simply place a grill over the pit, if you have one, and you can cook for your guests for that campfire-style experience.

Fire Pit

Blankets and Throws

We’ve talked about seating already in this piece, but there’s also the option of having blankets and throws ready for lazing about on the grass. The beautiful simplicity of lying on a blanket on the lawn on a summer’s day can be compared to hygge, which is a Danish living concept that covers the idea of achieving contentment and happiness from the simple things in life – what could be more simple than a blanket on the grass? No matter your age, from little ones to grandparents – blankets and throws can be fun for everyone.

Pruning and Landscaping

So you have all the furniture you need, the fire pit is in place and the food has been bought ready for the barbecue. But is your garden looking as good as it can be? In advance of any gathering, find some time to prune plants, tidy areas that need tidying, clean up any pet mess and generally make your garden look presentable. Things like mowing the lawn and watering the plants are simple tasks, but can make a considerable difference to the overall look of your garden.

We hope these five tips for setting up your garden for socialising will help you create the perfect space to welcome your friends and family on warm weekends. If you’d like to know more about our gardening expertise, or if you think you might benefit from some of our award-winning gardening work, please get in touch with Outdoor Options today.

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